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CDK construct for serverless scheduling

cdk-scheduler, a CDK construct to schedule events precisely and serverless

This construct enables to trigger an event at a given time on a serverless architecture.

You should use cdk-scheduler if you need to trigger an event at a precise time (down to the second) on your AWS application. If you want to compare options, check out our article on different serverless scheduling solutions.

How to use cdk-scheduler

Understand how the Scheduler works

cdk-scheduler is powered by SQS feature to delay events up to 15 minutes.

A lambda is scheduled to query a DynamoDB Table every 15 minutes, it pushes every events scheduled in the next 15 minutes to SQS with a delay corresponding the desired publication date.

Overview of the architecture

cdk-scheduler architecture diagram: dynamoDB with scheduled event linked to a lambda scheduled every 15 minutes publishes on an SQS with delay

Usage examples with CDK - Typescript

If you want to implement serverless scheduling you can get inspirations from cdk-scheduler full implementations :

  1. Connecting directly the scheduler to an API Gateway
  2. Connecting the Scheduler to a lambda

Payload format

For cdk-scheduler to function properly the elements added to DynamoDB must have the following attributes:

Attribute Type Description
pk string The primary key is always the same. Its value is the attribute partitionKey available in the construct instance
sk string The secondary key should start with the timestamp at which you wish to publish the event. You can concatenate with a unique id to be sure you do not have duplicates if you separate them with a #. For instance: 1649434680000#d66727f2-9df7-41b7-b2f8-211eb5581640 is a correct secondary key. 20220422-16:47:00:00Z00#66727f2-9df7-41b7-b2f8-211eb5581640 will never be read.
payload map This is an object, without format contraints. This payload will be sent in the event once it's published. Use this to detail the action you want to execute a the scheduled time


If you wish to contribute to cdk-scheduler:

  • you can open an issue to suggest improvements or to report a bug
  • you can open a pull-request to implement changes
  • you can send us love on twitter (@adelegauvrit, @nathperriolat and @EGuiyom) ❤️