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LITIengine is the pure 2D free java game engine. Written in plain Java 8 it provides all the infrastructure to create a 2D tile based java game, be it a platformer or a top-down adventure.

Important Note

Currently the LITIengine is being actively developed and therefore some parts of the framework are not final yet. Be aware that the engine API might change over the course of the next releases up until beta (v0.5.0-beta). Nonetheless, the LITIengine can of course already be used to make fully functioning 2D java games, or at least we've done so quite successfully 😄.

We are aware that there is currently a lack of documentation, but for the mentioned reasons, we're planning to document the most important parts of the library and use-cases with the first beta release to ensure that features don't get deprecated before they're even used.

If any questions occur, please don't hesitate to contact us, preferably by opening an issue at our Issue Tracker.

We're looking forward for your feedback on the engine!

Getting Started

  1. Setup the Game Project
  2. Learning the Basics
  3. Configuring the Game
  4. Loading a .tmx Map
  5. Working with Entities


  • Basic Game Infrastructure (GameLoop, Configuration, Resource Management, Logging, ...)
  • 2D Physics Engine
  • 2D Render Engine (plain Java)
    • GUI Components
    • Static and Dynamic Shadows
    • Dynamic Lighting
    • ...
  • 2D Sound Engine (support for .wav, .mp3 and .ogg)
  • Support for Tile Maps in .tmx format (e.g. made with Tiled Editor)
  • Message Based Networking Framework
  • Player Input via Gamepad/Keyboard/Mouse
  • Entity Framework
  • Ability Framework
  • Particle System

Libraries Used

Games made with LITIengine


DR.LEPUS - The Last Rabbit on Earth

Naughty Elves

Naughty Elves

Naughty Gnomes (Ludum Dare 38)

Naughty Gnomes

DR.LEPUS - The Last Rabbit on Earth (Ludum Dare 35)

DR.LEPUS - The Last Rabbit on Earth

LITI - Stoneage Brawl

LITI - Stoneage Brawl




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