SMS to twitter gate server, using only cheap phones and a computer
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How to set up in a nutshell

1. apt-get install gammu-smsd
(or your os equivelent of installing gammu sms deamon)

2. Connect a phone that is set to modem mode to the server  (should show up recognised /dev/ttyACM0 or /dev/ttyACMx) 

3. Configure gammu-smsd to work with your phone, the config file in Debian is at /etc/gammu-smsdrc . An example configuration is supplied in the source.
Pay attention to the config line "RunOnReceive", This should point to the bash script that runs the SMS gate

4. Set up a Twitter API key, make sure to select the client radio, not the browser

5. Set your consumer_key, consumer_secret, DB_PATH, LOGPATH and COUNTRY_PREFIX in /path/to/gate_scripts/

6. (optional) If you are running a small gate its recommended to uncomment shutil.copy(DB_PATH, DB_PATH +'.' + str(time.time())) inside
It might save you loosing all your DB if it craches

7. Make sure the directory of the sqlite DB is writable! (both directory and file)

8. Webserver scripts go at your cgi-bin folder in a python-capable apache server. Again, make sure they are executable. You need configured there too (you can copy the same one fron stage 6).

9. Copy the html folder to an accecable point in your webserver

10. Inside the "html/index.html" file set the path to your "cgi-bin/" (around line 28), also replace the number "052-563-5053" with your own Gate number

11. You can use to create a logo with your own Gate name.

12. Add your gate to the Twitter Gate list here:

13. Enjoy