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A tool that:

  • 🌳 turns ldd into a tree
  • ☝️ explains how shared libraries are found or why they cannot be located

Screenshot of libtree


By default, certain standard dependencies are not shown. For more verbose output use

  • libtree -v Show libraries skipped by default
  • libtree -vv Show dependencies of libraries skipped by default
  • libtree -vvv Show dependencies of already encountered libraries

Use the --path or -p flags to show paths rather than sonames:

  • libtree -p $(which tar)

Use --max-depth to limit the recursion depth.


  • Prebuilt binaries for v3.1.1
    arch sha256sum
    aarch64 (linux) c5d4fbcd4e3fb46f02c028532f60fcf1c92f7c6aad5b07a991c67550c2554862
    armv6l (linux) 16f5a7503a095bd88ebc5e21ec4ba8337c5d9712cac355bf89399c9e6beef661
    armv7l (linux) 17f493621e7cc651e2bddef207c1554a64a114e1c907dbe5b79ff0e97180b29e
    i686 (linux) 230a163c20f4a88a983d8647a9aa793317be6556e2c6a79e8a6295389e651ef5
    x86_64 (linux) 49218482f89648972ea4ef38cf986e85268efd1ce8f27fe14b23124bca009e6f
  • Fedora / RHEL / CentOS
    $ dnf install epel-release # For RHEL and derivatives enable EPEL first 
    $ dnf install libtree-ldd
  • Ubuntu 22.04+
    apt-get install libtree
  • Older release v2.0.0

Building from sources

libtree requires a C compiler that understands c99

git clone
cd libtree
make # recommended: LDFLAGS=-static
Or use the following unsafe quick install instructions
curl -Lfs | ${CC:-cc} -o libtree -x c - -std=c99 -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64