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Welcome to Hack Club!

Welcome to a worldwide community of high school hackers. We’re artists, writers, engineers, tinkerers, campers, filmmakers, volunteers. We make things. We help one another. We have fun. Join us ➚

This repository is where we store our Workshops, which are self-led learn-to-code tutorials, as well as our Code of Conduct.

🌈 Get Involved

We'd love to have you involved in the community:

🦦 Contributing on GitHub

Here on GitHub, there are many ways to contribute:

Check out for more active repositories & a guide to contributing.

✨ Our Philosophy

We think learning to code is uniquely like gaining a superpower: it converts you from a consumer to a creator, turning your computer into a tool for creation. If you’re reading this, you can learn to build an appβ€”there’s never been a better time for making.

The goal of Hack Club is to help you develop your superpowers.Β We want an inclusive space on the internet & at every school where people are making interesting things with code, every week. In our online Slack (Discord-style online chatroom with 20K+ student members), you can ask coding questions, meet amazing friends, share projects you’re building, and so much more.

Hack Club is a community by and for teen hackers. Our software, past events, branding etc. have all been crafted by teenagers from around the world. We’re also an entirely open source organizationβ€”our website to even our finances are public.

πŸ”— Quick Hack Club links

Action Link
πŸ’¬ Join our Slack
✨ See our workshops
πŸ“Έ See what Hack Clubbers are making every day
πŸ—ΊοΈ Join a high-school hackathon nearby
πŸŽ’ Start a Hack Club at your school
🏦 Run an open-source project / event on HCB
πŸ¦• Draw a dino & join our GitHub
πŸ’– See our contribution guidelines
πŸ™ Read our code of conduct
🎨 Use our logos & banners
🐦 Follow us on Twitter

πŸ“œ License

TL;DR: all content is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license and all code is released under the MIT License. For the license's full text and attributions, please see LICENSE.

The Hacker Zephyr