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Interview for HackerBay, Inc.
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HackerBay Interview.

Thank you for interviewing with HackerBay. Please note this is a full time job and you’re required to work 40 hrs/week. You’ll not be legally allowed to work for anyone else when you’re working with us.

You will be working on these technologies when you’re working with us.

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • CircleCI / Travis / etc.
  • Tests with Mocha, Chai, etc.

There are three rounds to this interview:

Round 1: NodeJS Task Round: Round 1 usually takes 3 hours to complete, but we give you 3 days to do so. Your deadline is 3 days from today. when you’re done, send us the gitHub link.

Round 2: ReactJS Round: Round 2 usually takes 3 hours to complete, but we give you 3 days to do so. Your deadline is 3 days from today. when you’re done, send us the gitHub link.

Round 3: A call with the CEO. Please keep 2 hours free for this call. This will be a tech screening. You'll be tested on:

  • Live Programming (1 hr of live programming)
  • Tech Q&A (~15 mins)
  • Culture fit. (~15 mins)

Important: During this round:

  • Please be on your PC and not on your phone. Your interview will be cancelled immidiately if you call us with your phone.
  • Please also make sure you're on atleast 1 mbps internet connection and you have tested your audio and video through a Skype test call. If your audio or video connection fails during the interview. You will be disqualified.
  • Make sure you're the only one person in the room. We dont want to hear others when we interview you.
  • Make sure you can screenshare on Skype. Do not call us from Skype Web. Download a desktop client and be ready for a call.

IMPORTANT: After your interview: Please fill up this feedback form here: This will help us improve the interview process with your ideas and suggestions.


Where are you based?

Technically, NYC. Honestly, it doesn't matter. You can work out of anywhere you like. This job is remote.

Is this job full time?

Yes. We're NOT looking for part time employees.

What are the minimum requirements to work at HackerBay?

An Ubuntu or a MacOS machine with atleast 8 GB of RAM and 2 mbps internet connectivity at all times. If you do not have a machine reliable enough to work that meets these requirements. Please do not apply.

Can I work with you if I'm a student?

No. ONLY work on these interview tasks if you have NO OTHER commitments. We have tried this before and this doesn't work. If you are a sudent, you should check out HackerBay University

What do I need to work?

A solid laptop with a stable and a fast internet connection. That's quite about it.

When do I start with Round 1?


Is my salary negotiable?

No. We pay everyone in the company equally. All Jr Devs are paid the same, all the Sr devs are paid the same, etc. Your salary depends only on your role.

Can I do Round 2 in AngularJS instead?

No. ReactJs is easy to learn. 3 days is enough to learn ReactJS from scratch and implement the project.

Where do I send my GitHub link?

Email us at

Is 3 day time period mentioned is for each round (Round 1 and Round 2) or both combined

It's for each Round. 3 Days for Round 1 and 3 Days for Round 2. In total, you have 6 days to finish both the rounds.

When will I know if I'm selected?

It depends on you. As soon as you finish both the rounds. We'll have 2 Skype calls next business day and we'll let you know about our decision on the same day. Date of Joining depends on your notice period with your current place of work. We usually want engineers join us as soon as they can. If you don't have a notice period, you can join as soon as we make a decision and start the onboarding process.

Can I know more about the company?

Sure, Here are few things you can check out:


Our Products:,,

Employee Handbook:

More Info: Email

Does, belong to you?

No. Official website of the company is

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