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A community centre for Singapore's tech and maker scenes.

Group photo with a HackerspaceSG logo and Mitch Altman in December 2014

HackerspaceSG is Singapore's very own hackerspace.

There are hundreds of such hackerspaces around the world, where people with common interests in computers, technology, science, digital and electronic art, come together to meet, socialise and collaborate.

Built by and for geeks, nerds, inventors, engineers, and entrepreneurs, HackerspaceSG is the Singapore tech and maker communities' home, living room and laboratory. Come hang out with the community in the evenings. Co-work with us during the day. We also host regular events, meetups, presentations, workshops, and movie nights for everyone.


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    Procedures and tools for HackerspaceSG administration

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    Issues related to the space at King George's Building


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    All the HackerspaceSG docs!

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