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NotToday: Self-Defense Against Suicidal Thoughts

NotToday is a project of Hack for LA. Hack for LA is a brigade of a Code for America that exists to solve the LA region’s biggest challenges. NotToday helps users with chronic suicidal ideation withstand periods of suffering from the symptom without acting on it. The mobile application's main features include the ability to create an "anti-suicide note" from user content and to recieve daily reminders to view the note if the user is experiencing suicidal ideation.

Project context

Project Context

Scientific Context

Technology used

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How to contribute

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Installation instructions


Working with issues

  • TBD

To create a new issue, please use the blank issue template (available when you click New Issue). If you want to create an issue for other projects to use, please create the issue in your own repository and send a slack message to one of your hack night hosts with the link.

Working with forks and branches

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Working with pull requests and reviews

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Contact info



TBD (open source)

this readme file sourced from Jessica Sand

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