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Hack for LA

Code for America's Los Angeles Brigade. Devs, designers, entrepreneurs, students, government staff, activists, civic-minded people working on regional issues.


  1. Forked from codeforamerica/codeofconduct

    Hack for LA's Code of Conduct Policy

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  2. Communities of Practice provide for mentoring across projects. Each practice area has its own Community of Practice. See our for more details

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  • expunge-assist Public

    Expunge Assist helps people with criminal records reduce, dismiss, or seal their record in California as a result of Prop 47 & Prop 64

    TypeScript 25 12 146 8 Updated Dec 8, 2022
  • lucky-parking Public

    Visualization of parking data to assist in understanding of the effects of parking policies on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis in the City of Los Angeles

    JavaScript 27 42 79 (8 issues need help) 1 Updated Dec 8, 2022
  • data-science Public

    The Hack For LA Data Science team is a Community of Practice within the LA brigade seeking to make analytical and machine learning services available to local communities and organizations.

    Jupyter Notebook 21 13 39 (3 issues need help) 8 Updated Dec 8, 2022
  • heart Public

    Heart is a project working directly with the LA City Attorney’s Homeless Engagement and Response Team. We are building a database and case management system to streamline their workflow and enable them to scale their program. Find us on the Hack for LA Slack #heart.

    JavaScript 27 MIT 43 51 16 Updated Dec 8, 2022
  • tdm-calculator Public

    DTLA Hack for LA is partnering with Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) to develop a Traffic Demand Management (TDM) calculator tool. This tool will help planners at LADOT and real estate developers to meet the Los Angeles’s Mobility Plan goals by 2035.

    JavaScript 25 GPL-2.0 20 85 7 Updated Dec 8, 2022
  • 311-data Public

    Empowering Neighborhood Associations to improve the analysis of their initiatives using 311 data

    Jupyter Notebook 44 GPL-3.0 46 128 (1 issue needs help) 32 Updated Dec 8, 2022
  • Jupyter Notebook 0 MIT 2 1 7 Updated Dec 8, 2022
  • shared-housing Public

    LA Family Housing, an LA-based non-profit working to end the homelessness crisis, engaged the help of Hack for LA to identify and design a more efficient & effective solution for matching multiple individuals who experience homelessness as potential co-tenants, and placing the matched individuals in suitable shared housing units.

    JavaScript 25 GPL-3.0 30 80 23 Updated Dec 8, 2022
  • Jupyter Notebook 3 0 0 11 Updated Dec 7, 2022
  • website Public

    Hack for LA's website

    HTML 136 GPL-2.0 321 325 (27 issues need help) 6 Updated Dec 7, 2022

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