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Vim python interpreter helper
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Signed-off-by: Hector Acosta <>

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Want to quickly test the output of a function, so you open up your trusty python REPL and start typing away.

After a while you need nested for loops, or want to save a copy of the stuff you wrote. Or copy just a bit of code from your project.

Here's where python-vim comes in, it allows you to run a vim() session inside your REPL env, after you save your code, it will get executed, don't worry! you'll still have access to everything you defined inside your vim session.


$ python

>>> from vim import vim

>>> vim()

# Vim session opens, type your code here, save and exit

foo = 'bar'
for i in foo:
    print i





>>> foo



  • Using pip:
$ pip install python-vim


Add this to your .pythonrc file:

from vim import *

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