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Bash completion for fast project navigation.


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goto CircleCI

Bash completion for fast project navigation.


  • bash: goto is written for bash (and compatible) shells.
  • bash-completion: ensure that your shell has completion available. You can check by running:
    (command -v complete &> /dev/null && echo 'You have bash completion.') || echo 'You do not have bash completion'


  1. Get a hold of goto. You can either clone this repository or download the latest release.

  2. Load goto in your Bash profile (usually ~/.bashrc on Linux and ~/.bash_profile on MacOS)

	source /path/to/goto/goto

Specify the directories that contain your projects via the GOTOPATH environment variable. To specify multiple directories, separate them via : (colon), e.g.:

  export GOTOPATH="${HOME}/code:${HOME}/sites"

You can view installation instructions by running

  make install



  • Type goto and the start of whatever project/folder you want to navigate to in your terminal.


      goto gul
  • Hit <tab> for autocompletion. If there are several options, this will complete the directory name as far as possible.


      goto gulp-embed-
  • Hit <tab> again for a list of possible completions.


      goto gulp-embed-
      gulp-embed-json gulp-embed-svg
  • Continue typing/autocompleting the desired project/folder name and hit enter to go there.