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Minimal Node.js log service.


Via npm

npm i --save @haensl/log

Via yarn

yarn add @haensl/log


const log = require('@haensl/log');

log.debug('Some debug log message');


Log exposes five functions:

debug(...args) green output. does not log if NODE_ENV is set to production.

info(...args) default terminal color output.

log(...args) default terminal color output.

warn(...args) yellow output.

error(...args) red output.

Each of them maps to the respective console function. The first line of each log is prefixed with timestamp and log level. If the first argument is a string, it is printed on the first line. Each other argument is printed on a separate line. If more than one argument is passed, the block is delimited by dashes.


const log = require('@haensl/log');'test');

// 2018-11-10 23:07:16 INFO test
const log = require('@haensl/log');

log.error({ a: 1 }, 15, new Error('foo'));

// 2018-11-10 23:07:16 ERR
// { a: 1 }
// 15
// Error: foo
//   at Context.beforeEach (/Users/hpdietz/Developer/log/log.test.js:84:39)
//   at callFn (/Users/hpdietz/Developer/log/node_modules/mocha/lib/runnable.js:372:21)
//   at (/Users/hpdietz/Developer/log/node_modules/mocha/lib/runnable.js:364:7)
//   at next (/Users/hpdietz/Developer/log/node_modules/mocha/lib/runner.js:317:10)
//   at Immediate.<anonymous> (/Users/hpdietz/Developer/log/node_modules/mocha/lib/runner.js:347:5)
//   at runCallback (timers.js:810:20)
//   at tryOnImmediate (timers.js:768:5)
//   at processImmediate [as _immediateCallback] (timers.js:745:5)
// --------------------------------