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htmlwidgets gallery

This repository serves the htmwidgets gallery.

Adding a widget

If you are a widget author, you can register your widget by doing the following:

  1. Fork this repository.
  2. Create a png thumbnail of an interesting plot from your widget that will look good on a retina screen at 350x300 pixels and put this file in the images directory of this repository.
  3. Add an entry for your widget in the _config.yml file of this repository with the meta data for your widget (copy another entry and modify). Please see below for guidance on the meta data.
  4. Push your changes and create a pull request. To ensure the quality of widgets added to the registry and consistency in how they are displayed, you should expect some amount of discussion during your pull request.

Meta data requirements:

  • name: the actual name of the R package (required)
  • thumbnail: location of the thumbnail (required, standard is images/ghuser-ghrepo.png)
  • url: url to the desired landing page you'd like people to first see for the widget (the widget's home page, a vignette, or as a final resort, if not specified, the widget's github page)
  • jslibs: a comma separated list of javascript library names that the widget depends on, with markdown links to the home pages of the libraries
  • ghuser: the github user/org where the github repository for the widget resides (required)
  • ghrepo: the github repository name where the widget resides (required)
  • tags: comma separated list (with no spaces) of tags that describe the widget - see other widget's tags for ideas
  • cran: true if the package is on CRAN, else false
  • examples: url or list of urls of examples (blog posts, gists, vignettes)
  • ghauthor: the github handle for the primary author of the widget
  • short: a short (preferably one sentence) description of the package that will be displayed in limited space under the widget thumbnail in the gallery - ideally should be more than "An htmlwidget interface to library x" as that is obvious from jslib, etc. - instead, should describe what you can do with the widget using library x
  • description: a longer form description


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