Graphical Installation Wizard for Happy Hacking Linux
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Graphical installation wizard for Happy Hacking Linux.


Creating ISO

You'll get an iso file under ./iso/out folder after running;

$ make create-iso

In Arch Linux

You can install Arch Linux with this wizard by simply calling it;

curl -L | bash


Tasks need to be done for the next release:

  • Add playerctl to the default setup. Xmonad config is ready to hook up with it.
  • Add pacaur to the default setup.
  • Detect if the system is a notebook by running dmidecode --string chassis-type and do some customizations for laptops such as installing laptop-mode-tools
  • Add fd-rs to the default setup.
  • Install Asian font sets by default. (adobe-source-han-serif-otc-fonts and adobe-source-han-sans-otc-fonts)
  • Read partition names under selected disk using lsblk.
  • Install Rofi & make it default app selector
  • Diff
  • Install ttf-symbola