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Amiga Minimig ported to the Tang Nano 20k FPGA

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NanoMig is a port of the Minimig to the Tang Nano 20k.

This is based on the MiSTeryNano project and also relies on a M0S Dock being connected to the Tang Nano 20k.

This is currently a very early work in progress and only a few games seems to run properly. These problems currently only show on the real thing and not in simulation.

Current state:

  • Minimig based on Minimig_ECS
  • Kick ROM stored in flash ROM
  • Up to 2MB chip and 1.5MB slow RAM
  • Up to four virtual floppy drives
  • HDMI video and audio, PAL and NTSC
  • Keyboard, Mouse and Joystick via USB
  • Fully simulated


These youtube shorts mainly document the progress:

What's needed?

The necessary binaries can be found in the project releases.

  • nanomig.fs needs to be flashed to the FPGA's flash memory
  • Kickstart 1.3 kick13.rom needs to be flashed at offset 0x400000 and 0x440000
  • The latest firmware needs to be flashed to the M0S Dock
  • A default ADF disk images named df0.adf should be placed on SD card (e.g. workbench 1.3)
  • For the SD card to work all components incl. the M0S have to work properly