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The ftDuino is an arduino compatible controller for the fischertechnik construction toy.

The latest version of the german manual can be found here.

The ftDuino is similar to the fischertechnik TXT in size and shape as well as electrically and can usually be used as a drop-in-replacement to this controller.

The ftDuino combines the sophisticated mechanics of the fischertechnik toy with the versatility of the arduino world allowing anyone to create and program awsome machines.

ftDuino based robot

Features of the ftDuino

  • 8 universal analog inputs I1 to I8
  • 4 fast counter inputs C1 to C4
  • 8 analog outputs O1 to O8 which can be combined as motor outputs M1 to M4
  • I²C connector like the fischertechnik TX controller
  • compatible to standard fischertechnik 9V power supply
  • compatible with Arduino Leonardo


See the ftDuino in action on youtube.

About this repository

This repository contains support files to enable ftDuino support in the Arduino IDE.


You can easily add custom board support packages to the Arduino IDE as described e.g. here.

You first need to add the download location of the ftDuino setup to the preferences of the Arduino IDE:

ftDuino IDE preferences

Afterwards the ftDuino will show up in the board manager from where it can be installed by just one click:

ftDuino in the board manager

Afterwards the ftDuino can be selected as the current device and e.g. the ftDuino code examples will automatically show up in the file menu:

ftDuino examples in the file menu

The ftDuino is now supported by the Arduino IDE and can be used without any further setup.