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Kubebot is a Kubernetes chatbot for Slack.

This project is in active development and it's not ready for production yet.


To run Kubebot on Slack, first you need to create a new bot user integration on Slack and get the token.

Then you need to know the channel ids where you want to run the Kubebot. You can get them on https://slack.com/api/channels.list?token={REPLACE WITH YOUR TOKEN}

How to run it

Using Kubernetes charts

The fastest way to run Kubebot in your Kubernetes cluster is using the Kubebot chart for Kubernetes.

Running the binary

It is possible to run the binary locally or in a server. First you need to download and compile this project using the Go compiler:

mkdir -p $GOPATH/github.com/harbur/kubebot
cd $_
git clone git@github.com:harbur/kubebot.git
go install -v github.com/harbur/kubebot

Then set up the following environment variables:

# use the token you generated in the setup

# use as many channels ids you want; use a space as a separator

# use as many admin nicknames as you want; use a space as separator

# set which kubectl commands the admins will be able to run
KUBEBOT_SLACK_VALID_COMMANDS="get describe logs explain"

After the setup, you can run the binary: