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To scale trust and create a radically fair economy. Harmony is the first Proof-of-Stake & sharding mainnet. 2-second finality, trustless cross-chain liquidity.


  1. harmony Public

    The core protocol of harmony

    Go 1.5k 273

  2. harmony-ops Public

    Harmony Ops Master Repository.

    Python 36 23

  3. sdk Public

    Javascript SDK of Harmony protocol.

    TypeScript 93 46

  4. go-sdk Public

    Go-SDK & CLI tool to interact with the Harmony Blockchain

    Go 44 43

  5. harmonyj Public

    Harmony Java SDK

    Java 27 11

  6. bounties Public template

    Bounty program is to help the community take part in the development of the Harmony blockchain. It covers from core feature to validator tooling, from dApp development to DeFi integration.

    62 19