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A Composer plugin to manage Harmony's Projects and configuration for extensions,packages, themes and translations.
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Based on Symfony Flex, HarmonyFlex is a Composer plugin allowing the end-user to connect through the HarmonyAPI to manage HarmonyProjects and configuration for extensions, packages, themes and translations.

Custom configurators

copy-from-recipe-if Configurator

Copies files or directories only if specified package is installed. This configurator is identical to copy-from-recipe provided by Symfony Flex.

It is useful to copy only certain files or directories to avoid throwing issues when clearing the cache by example:

  "copy-from-recipe-if": {
    "emulienfou/orm-pack": {
      "src/Entity/": "%SRC_DIR%/Entity"
    "emulienfou/mongodb-pack": {
      "src/Document/": "%SRC_DIR%/Document"

merge-from-recipe-if Configurator

Merge content between file in recipe and the one in the project.

Currently, it is not possible to perform an un-merge action!

  "merge-from-recipe-if": {
    "emulienfou/orm-pack": {
      "config/packages/doctrine.yaml": "%CONFIG_DIR%/packages/doctrine.yaml"
    "emulienfou/mongodb-pack": {
      "config/packages/doctrine_mongodb.yaml": "%CONFIG_DIR%/packages/doctrine_mongodb.yaml"

extensions Configurator

Internal configurator for packages of type harmony-extension.

themes Configurator

Internal configurator for packages of type harmony-theme.

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