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Purdue Hackers Battleship - Spring 2016 and Fall 2016
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Purdue Hackers Battleship


Battleship was an event put on by Purdue Hackers ( in the Spring of 2016. Teams coded "bots" in the span of 3 hours, and then ran their code to compete against other bots. At the end, the top 8 teams faced off elimination style to compete for victory.

Code Example

Sample/Starter clients are located in the "StarterCode" directory.


  • Download and Install MAMP
  • Set MAMP Directory to Site/backend/Public
  • Create MySQL Database (named Battleship) (use a GUI tool such as Sequel Pro)
  • Copy Site/backend/.env.example to Site/backend/.env
  • Fill in database information in .env (adding DB_PORT if necessary)
  • Download and Install Composer
  • Run composer install in the Site/backend directory (you might have to run php composer.phar install depending on how you installed composer)
  • Run php artisan migrate in the Site/backend directory
  • Run php artisan key:generate in the Site/backend directory
  • Run mkdir -p Site/backend/storage/framework/sessions and mkdir -p Site/backend/storage/framework/views
  • Run chmod -R 777 Site/backend/storage
    Install pip
  • Run pip install Autobahn --ignore-installed six
  • Run pip install twisted

Starting Servers

  • Start MAMP Servers
  • Start Battleship Server: python

Starting/Viewing Game

  • Open localhost:8888/game (The Game Viewer must be opened after the python server is running)
  • Open and run 2 instances of client code (found in StarterCode folder) (either leave API_KEY as API_KEY_HERE or create a team on localhost:8888/login and use it's API_KEY)


@harrischristiansen ( Developed Server, Client, Web Interface/Game Manager, and Web Viewer
@balderfer (Ben Alderfer): Design
@nickysemenza (Nicky Semenza): Web Interface API
@wei170 (Guocheng Wei): Ported Python starter code to Java


Copyright 2016 Purdue Hackers and Harris Christiansen - All Rights Reserved

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