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Game Closure DevKit Module: Supersonic / ironSource

This module allows you to display interstitial, video ads and offerwalls from the Supersonic mediation service.

Both iOS and Android targets are supported.


Install the module into your application using the standard devkit install process.

devkit install


Setup supersonic by configuring the supersonicApp key in manifest.json. The supersonicAppKey can be fetched from the Supersonic/ironsource dashboard


  "android": {
    "supersonicAppKey": "key",
  "ios": {
    "supersonicAppKey": "key",

You must add all of the providers you wish to bundle with your application to the addons.supersonic.<PLATFORM>.providers lists or they will not be included in the build and you will not be able to use them in your game.

"addons": {
    "supersonic": {
        "android": {
            "providers": [
        "ios": {
            "providers": [

See the Pre-Integrated Providers section below for a list of working providers you can add to these list.

Pre-Integrated Providers

The plugin comes with several ad providers already available in order to make using the plugin as easy as possible.

Adding one of the included providers is usually as easy as adding the provider name to the manifest addons.supersonic.[platform].providers list and adding any necessary SDK keys. The supersonic module will use the providers list to automatically create all of your configuration

To use any of these, in the game please add it the addons block in manifest.json as mentioned before.

Integrating Additional Providers

To integrate additional providers supportd by supersonic, you'll need to manually add all of the files and configuration to the correct locations in the build/providers/<provider_name> folder.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT - the auto-configuration being done for providers means the standard android and ios folders are deleted before build every time and created as necessary. DO NOT PUT FILES YOU NEED IN THESE FOLDERS (or check out a previous version of the plugin).

You will likely need a combination of config.json, manifest.xml, manifest.xsl, and various file changes to create a working integration. Follow the existing integrations as a guide.