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  1. hedera-services hedera-services Public

    Crypto, token, consensus, file, and smart contract services for the Hedera public ledger

    Java 240 103

  2. hedera-mirror-node hedera-mirror-node Public

    Hedera Mirror Node archives data from consensus nodes and serves it via an API

    Java 109 108

  3. hedera-improvement-proposal hedera-improvement-proposal Public

    Hedera Improvement Proposal

    Solidity 128 122

  4. hedera-local-node hedera-local-node Public

    Run your own local Hedera network for development purposes.

    TypeScript 37 35

  5. hedera-smart-contract-starter hedera-smart-contract-starter Public template

    This smart contract starter on Hedera helps developers create upgradeable contracts using a proxy pattern for seamless upgrades. Includes a sample contract and documentation for a quick start.

    TypeScript 12 1

  6. hedera-json-rpc-relay hedera-json-rpc-relay Public

    Implementation of Ethereum JSON-RPC APIs for Hedera

    TypeScript 39 54


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