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Cloud Haskell core library
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benchmarks adjust to deal with the latest network-transport-tcp API changes and … Nov 11, 2018
distributed-process-tests See if blocking on registration still times out on travis... Nov 27, 2018
doc/semantics Add semantics specification document back to the repository. Jan 22, 2015
src/Control/Distributed Fix tracing a sent messages (closes #265) (#332) Nov 24, 2018
.gitignore Uniform .gitignore. Jun 28, 2015
.travis.yml Add a file. Jun 29, 2015
ChangeLog Bump version to 0.7.4 and update changelog. Jun 12, 2018
LICENSE Add Tweag copyright notice. Jun 15, 2015 Update Jul 1, 2015
Setup.hs Moved projects out into separate repositories Feb 4, 2013
distributed-process.cabal Update maintainer field in d-p.cabal Nov 21, 2018
stack-ghc-7.10.3.yaml Merge master Nov 15, 2018
stack-ghc-8.0.2.yaml Merge master Nov 15, 2018
stack-ghc-8.2.2.yaml don't declare stack dependencies twice Nov 16, 2018
stack-ghc-8.4.4.yaml don't declare stack dependencies twice Nov 16, 2018
stack-nightly.yaml A more comprehensive build plan Nov 15, 2018

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