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benchmarks add some more regressions
profiling added scripts to run unit tests with hpc coverage reports, and run th…
src/Control fix symbol encoding (fixes HsColour)
tests Tweak logger tests
.ghci Now server calls are monitored
.gitignore Git ignore .cabal-sandbox
.travis.yml Add a couple more environments to our travis build matrix Merge branch 'unified-async'
LICENCE Merge master into 'migrate-from-global'
Makefile Use the umbrella build system if you’re into GNU Make
NOTES Cosmetic-ish (documentation) Update travis status to use master branch
REPOS Include distributed-process in the list of CI dependencies
Setup.lhs Rename Setup.hs to Setup.lhs: literal source codes must have a lhs su…
distributed-process-platform.cabal distributed-process-platform.cabal: allow building with fingertree 0.1.x
test-report.hs Use cabal-dev for hpc report generation

distributed-process-platform travis

This repository is part of Cloud Haskell.

See for documentation, user guides, tutorials and assistance.

Getting Help / Raising Issues

Please visit our bug tracker to submit issues. Anyone can browse, although you'll need to provide an email address and create an account in order to submit new issues.

If you'd like to talk to a human, please contact us at the parallel-haskell mailing list in the first instance -


distributed-process is made available under a BSD-3 license.

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