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support HTTPS #17

hsenag opened this Issue October 09, 2011 · 8 comments

4 participants

Ganesh Sittampalam Luis Cabellos Herbert Valerio Riedel Scott Lawrence
Ganesh Sittampalam

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Luis Cabellos

I'm interested in this feature, I want to help but I don't know anything about to implement it. is it possible to help you anyway? did you have a roadmap to implement https? maybe I can help in some steps.


Ganesh Sittampalam

No roadmap, I'm afraid. I did have a vague idea of using, but nothing more than that.

Herbert Valerio Riedel

Fwiw, http-enumerator already supports https (which might serve as an TLS API usage example)

Deleted user
ghost commented July 05, 2012

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I vote against, I like to see a strict separation of secure tunnels and the HTTP protocol. This keeps the set of dependencies small, and thus the size of resulting binaries. However, the HTTP package is really in need of some improvement.

I think the main problem is that the HTTP package isn't very aware of tunneling. Well, it was with the now pretty much deprecated Stream interface (which uses Strings but can be extended for tunneling), but not with the HStream interface (which can't be extended for tunneling, but can be extended to support multiple types of buffers). I'll commit a pull request at for my implementation of a Stream instance for TLS, which can then be used in conjunction with Network.HTTP.Stream, but I hope the main developers of the HTTP package fix the API to truly support tunneling.

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Ganesh Sittampalam
hsenag commented July 05, 2012

HTTP doesn't have any really active developers, I'm afraid. I'm happy to accept patches (after review/discussion), or to discuss handing over maintainership if someone with more time for the package than me comes along.

Scott Lawrence

I'm interested in adding HTTPS support; just wanted to check in to make sure that a) nobody's working on it already and b) it's still a desired feature by the package maintainers. Any objections/comments?

Ganesh Sittampalam

I don't know of anyone working on it and it's definitely desired by me as maintainer!

Ganesh Sittampalam

BTW I should have added that one obstacle to getting HTTPS support merged to the mainline HTTP package will be getting any dependencies (like hs-tls or whatever) into the Haskell Platform.

However, if that proves to be difficult, we could maintain a branch and release a "HTTPS" package from that branch or something along those lines in the meantime.

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