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If we compile documentation where only a small fraction is undocumented,
it is misleading to see 100% coverage - 99% is more intuitive.

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Haddock CI Hackage

Haddock is the standard tool for generating documentation from Haskell code. Full documentation about Haddock itself can be found in the doc/ subdirectory, in reStructedText format format.

Project overview

This project consists of three packages:

  • haddock: provides the haddock executable. It is implemented as a tiny wrapper around haddock-api's Documentation.Haddock.haddock function.

  • haddock-api: contains the program logic of the haddock tool. The haddocks for the Documentation.Haddock module offer a good overview of the functionality.

  • haddock-library: is concerned with the parsing and processing of the Haddock markup language. Unlike the other packages, it is expected to build on a fairly wide range of GHC versions.


Please create issues when you have any problems and pull requests if you have some code.


To get started you'll need the latest GHC release installed.

Clone the repository:

git clone
cd haddock

and then proceed using your favourite build tool.

Using cabal v2-build

cabal v2-build -w ghc-8.10.1
cabal v2-test -w ghc-8.10.1 all

Using stack

stack init
stack build
export HADDOCK_PATH="$(stack exec which haddock)"
stack test

Using Cabal sandboxes (deprecated)

cabal sandbox init
cabal sandbox add-source haddock-library
cabal sandbox add-source haddock-api
cabal sandbox add-source haddock-test
# adjust -j to the number of cores you want to use
cabal install -j4 --dependencies-only --enable-tests
cabal configure --enable-tests
cabal build -j4
# run the test suite
export HADDOCK_PATH="dist/build/haddock/haddock"
cabal test

Git Branches

If you're a GHC developer and want to update Haddock to work with your changes, you should be working on the ghc-head branch. See instructions at for an example workflow.

Updating golden testsuite outputs

If you've changed Haddock's output, you will probably need to accept the new output of Haddock's golden test suites (html-test, latex-test, hoogle-test, and hypsrc-test). This can be done by passing the --accept argument to these test suites. With a new enough version of cabal-install:

cabal v2-test html-test latex-test hoogle-test hypsrc-test \
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