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Haskell Report README

These are the sources to the Haskell report, including all the source
files you will need to generate either the PDF or the HTML version of
the report.

Tools you will need

PDF version: a decent LaTeX installation with pdflatex.  We use the
following additional packages:

  - times
  - makeidx
  - graphicx
  - url
  - color
  - hyperref

Also you need the following tools

  - makeindex

all of which are usually available with a good TeX distribution
(e.g. TeX Live).

The following are also required for building the tools:

  - flex
  - GHC

The HTML version additionally requires

  - tex4ht (e.g. install 'tex4ht' on a Debian or Ubuntu system, or 
            'tetex-tex4ht' on a Fedora system)

Building the report


        $ cd tools
        $ make

should build a few tools required for building the report itself.
Then you should be able to say

        $ cd report
        $ make

This will create:

   - PDF version: report/haskell.pdf
   - HTML version: report/ht/haskell.html
     (NB. requires report/ht/*.{html,png,css})



    report/		The Language and Libraries Reports (now together
			in a single document)
    tools/		Tools needed to build the Reports
		    	(cd into here and type make)
    Makefile		Build a distribution of the Reports

.verb files