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JS Refactor Package

JavaScript refactoring language plugin for Atom. This package requires refactor package. You can install from the preference pane.

ES6+ Support

Start from v0.6.0, we already have experimental support of ES6+, track #6 for more details.

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v0.8.0 on 2018-03-06

  • Upgrade to babylon 7 beta, which support more new syntax
  • Add .mjs file extension
  • Enable tests

v0.7.5 on 2016-12-28

  • Fix #20, #25

v0.7.2 on 2016-06-30

  • Use original debug package to solve install failures, fix #8, #15
  • Support different styles for references/mutations/declaration
  • Fix #14

v0.7.0 on 2016-06-24

  • Upgrade to babylon 6, enable all ES next syntax (include stage 0 features like bind operator) and JSX, Flow... all features babel support. Babylon 6 is not compatible with estools, so we change to babel-traverse, and rewrite and simplify the implementations, it should also fix all issues from underlying. (Of coz it may introduce new issues :)
  • Implement correct renaming of object shorthand and import alias.

v0.6.0 on 2015-09-08

  • Require Atom >=1.0.0, refactor ^0.6.0
  • Experimental support of ES6+ (Babel, stage >= 1)
  • Start migrating from coffeescript to babel
  • Improve esrefactor based on a most recent and active fork
  • Use babylon (the parser of babel) instead of esprima
  • Update estools (estraverse, escope) to latest version
  • Add debug util
  • Update travis config as latest atom/ci

Changelog of old versions


Refactoring support for JavaScript in Atom.




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