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Monocular is a web-based application that enables the search and discovery of charts from multiple Helm Chart repositories. It is the codebase that powers the Helm Hub project.

Monocular Screenshot

Click here to learn more about Helm, Charts and Kubernetes.


You can use the chart in this repository to install Monocular in your cluster.


$ helm repo add monocular
$ helm install monocular/monocular

Access Monocular

Use the Ingress endpoint to access your Monocular instance:

# Wait for all pods to be running (this can take a few minutes)
$ kubectl get pods --watch

$ kubectl get ingress
NAME                        HOSTS     ADDRESS         PORTS     AGE
tailored-alpaca-monocular   *   80        11h

Visit the address specified in the Ingress object in your browser, e.g.

Read more on how to deploy Monocular here.


Looking for an in-cluster Application management UI?

To focus on the CNCF Helm Hub requirements, in-cluster features have been removed from Monocular 1.0 and above. We believe that providing a good solution for deploying and managing apps in-cluster is an orthogonal user experience to a public search and discovery site. There is other tooling that can support this usecase better (e.g. Kubeapps or RedHat Automation Broker).

Monocular v0.7.3 includes in-cluster features and can still be installed and used until your team has migrated to another tool.


The Monocular roadmap is currently located in the wiki.


This project is still under active development, so you'll likely encounter issues.

Interested in contributing? Check out the documentation.

Also see developer's guide for information on how to build and test the code.

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