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Why JavaScript?

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  • JavaScript is the most popular language in the world.
  • It is possible to do a lot of functional programming in JavaScript.
  • Functional JavaScript is a growing trend but there aren't many good resources for learning it.
  • JavaScript is often people's first language so it needs simple explanations more than other languages.

What's with the =>?

The examples often use ES2015 (A recent version of JavaScript) to make the examples more concise. => is a terse way to define an anonymous function.

const add1 = a => a + 1

// is equivalent to

function add1(a) {
  return a + 1

Where are the semi-colons?

They're unnecessary! We're actually running Standard Linter which prevents any possible pitfalls with semi-colons so it's perfectly safe.

Are Semicolons Necessary in JavaScript?

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