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Pinned repositories

  1. maps-api-for-javascript-examples

    Self-contained examples for Maps API for JavaScript v3.

    JavaScript 35 40

  2. here-android-sdk-examples

    Java-based projects using the HERE SDK for Android.

    Java 52 50

  3. here-ios-sdk-examples

    Objective-C-based projects using the HERE SDK for iOS.

    Objective-C 23 17

  4. oss-review-toolkit

    A suite of tools to assist with reviewing Open Source Software dependencies.

    HTML 114 23

  5. tin-terrain

    A command-line tool for converting heightmaps in GeoTIFF format into tiled optimized meshes.

    C++ 69 12

  6. oksse

    An extension library for OkHttp to create a Server-Sent Event (SSE) client.

    Java 99 13