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[DEPRECATED] Clojure template Heroku add-on for kensa create --template flag
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This tool is deprecated. Please follow this guide when building a Heroku add-on.

kensa create my_addon --template clojure

This app will be used by Heroku's kensa gem as the skeleton Clojure app.

this repository is a clojure/compojure template add-on for use with the Heroku kensa gem


> gem install kensa
> gem install foreman

clone it via:

> kensa create my_addon --template clojure
> cd my_addon
> lein deps
> foreman start

In a new window:

> cd my_addon
> kensa test provision
> kensa sso 1

And you should be in a Heroku Single Sign On sesion for your brand new addon!

Current status:

  • deprovision - working
  • provision - working
  • planchange - working
  • GET SSO - working
  • POST SSO - working

Copyright (C) 2011 Chris Continanza

Distributed under no license.

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