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Babylon Message Swap
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Babylon Message Swap

I would like to present my concept that’s aim is to help you develop softwares which is written different programming languages and that can intercommunicate with each other.

More information on Babylon website on (

Quick access


  • BMS (abbreviation of Babylon Message Swap )
  • Station ( main software what is communicate other modules but there is no significant difference to the modules )
  • Miniship ( BMS module which is communicate with each others and with Station )
  • Pipe ( Intercommunicate within a device like IPC )
  • Radio ( network communication )

Configuration patterns

Station-- Miniship

Station-- Miniship-- Miniship

Station-- Miniship |-- Miniship |-- Miniship

Station-- Miniship | |-- Miniship | |-- Miniship | |-- Miniship |-- Miniship


The Miniships can connect to either station or other miniships. The connection type switched between network or pipeline (radio or ipc)

More information on Babylon website on (

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