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A simple web scraping tool for recipe sites.

pip install recipe-scrapers


from recipe_scrapers import scrape_me

# give the url as a string, it can be url from any site listed below
scraper = scrape_me('')

# Q: What if the recipe site I want to extract information from is not listed below?
# A: You can give it a try with the wild_mode option! If there is Schema/Recipe available it will work just fine.
scraper = scrape_me('', wild_mode=True)

scraper.nutrients()  # if available


  • scraper.links() returns a list of dictionaries containing all of the <a> tag attributes. The attribute names are the dictionary keys.

Scrapers available for:


If you spot a design change (or something else) that makes the scraper unable to work for a given site - please fire an issue asap.

If you are programmer PRs with fixes are warmly welcomed and acknowledged with a virtual beer.

If you want a scraper for a new site added

  • Open an Issue providing us the site name, as well as a recipe link from it.

  • You are a developer and want to code the scraper on your own:

    • If Schema is available on the site - you can go like this.

    • Otherwise, scrape the HTML - like this

    • Generating a new scraper class:

      python <ClassName> <URL>
      • ClassName: The name of the new scraper class.
      • URL: The URL of an example recipe from the target site. The content will be stored in test_data to be used with the test class.

For Devs / Contribute

Assuming you have >=python3.7 installed, navigate to the directory where you want this project to live in and drop these lines

git clone &&
cd recipe-scrapers &&
python3 -m venv .venv &&
source .venv/bin/activate &&
pip install -r requirements-dev.txt &&
pre-commit install &&

In case you want to run a single unittest for a newly developed scraper

python -m coverage run -m unittest tests.test_myscraper


  • How do I know if a website has a Recipe Schema? Run in python shell:
from recipe_scrapers import scrape_me
scraper = scrape_me('<url of a recipe from the site>', wild_mode=True)
# if no error is raised - there's schema available:
scraper.instructions()  # etc.

Special thanks to:

All the contributors that helped improving the package. You are awesome!