An API documentation generator for Hack files, which start with 'hh'.
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An API documentation generator for Hack files. The generator works on files that start with <?hh.


HHAPIDoc generates its own API reference documentation.

Project status

This is derived from's documentation generator, and has been in use there for several months.

As a standalone project, it is immature, and an early preview; work is needed on output format (prettiness), usability, and functionality. ee the issues to get started. We welcome contributions.

Installing hh-apidoc

  1. Install hhvm
  2. Install composer
  3. Move composer.phar to your desired location. Many people put this in their home directory or a global bin directory.
  4. Clone this repo
  5. cd path/to/cloned/hh-apidoc
  6. hhvm path/to/composer.phar install
  7. Verify installation via hhvm bin/hh-apidoc --help. You should see usage instructions.

Testing hh-apidoc

Running hh-apidoc against itself is a good way to test the generator:

  1. hhvm bin/hh-apidoc -o /tmp/docs ./src The -o is where to output the resulting files (it is important to note that the path given to -o must currently be an existing path). . means use the current directory as the source.
  2. cd /tmp/docs
  3. See generated .html files. You can open index.html in your favorite browser to see the generated documentation.


hh-apidoc is MIT licensed, as found in the LICENSE file.