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This repository contains demos used live during presentations or in blog posts; The following demos are currently available:

  • Hibernate ORM

    • core/Basic: simple comparison between JDBC, ORM, and JPA
    • core/Fetching Strategies: "when" (laziness) and "how" (fetch style)
    • core/Value Generation: annotations allowing in-memory and DB generated properties, both for INSERT and INSERT/UPDATE actions
    • core/Multi-Tenancy: multiple, concurrent databases and clients from a single Hibernate instance
    • core/Caching: entity second level cache (2LC) and query cache
    • core/Envers: historical/audited data
    • core/Spatial: geographical data
    • osgi: tutorials demonstrating all possible ORM OSGi configurations
  • Hibernate OGM

    • hiking-demo: Demo project used for the talk "Hibernate OGM: Talking to NoSQL in Red Hat JBoss EAP" presented at Red Hat Summit 2014. It shows how to use MongoDB as data store in a Java EE application through JPA / Hibernate OGM.
  • Hibernate Search

    • hsearch-with-elasticsearch: Shows how to use the Elasticsearch backend new in Hibernate Search 5.6. Used for the talk "From Hibernate to Elasticsearch in no Time" at JavaZone 2016.
    • hsearch-elasticsearch-wikipedia: Demonstrates a REST service using Hibernate Search 5.8 + Elasticsearch 5 to search into extensive data from Wikipedia.
  • Hibernate Validator

  • Java 9

    • multi-release-jar-demo: Shows how to build multi-release JARs with Java 9. Accompanies the blog post
    • custom-jlink-plugin: Shows how to customize Java 9 modular runtime images with jlink plug-ins. The example shows a plug-in for adding a Jandex annotation index for one or more modules to the runtime image.
  • Other


If not stated otherwise, the demos are licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (see Refer to the headers of individual files for specific license and copyright information, in particular of included library files.