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📱 OAuth sample app for HMKit on iOS
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OAuth Example.xcodeproj
OAuth Example


This sample app for iOS uses the OAuth API of High-Mobility to have car access granted by the owner. The OAuth flow is described in detail here.


Before running the app, make sure to configure the following in Manager.swift:

  1. Initialise HMKit with a valid device certiticate from the Developer Center
  2. In the Developer Center, go to the OAuth2 Client settings page
  3. Copy and insert the Client ID, Client Secret, Auth URI, Token URI, URL Scheme and scope into the app. No worries, all of this is written on OAuth page
  4. Also insert the App ID in the Manager.swift file where there's a placeholder

Run the app

Run the app on your phone and start the OAuth process. Once completed you will receive an Access Token that is passed into HMKit to download access certificates for the car. With this, the device has been authorised.

Questions or Comments ?

If you have questions or if you would like to send us feedback, join our Slack Channel or email us at

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