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Compiles XML Schemas into XML<->JSON mappings for Jsonix.
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Jsonix Schema Compiler

Generates Jsonix mappings for XML Schemas.

Please refer to Wiki for documentation.

Using in command-line

Download jsonix-schema-compiler-full-<VERSION>.jar from releases and run it with java -jar from the command line:

java -jar jsonix-schema-compiler-full-<VERSION>.jar
  [-compact -logLevel TRACE]
  [-b bindings.xjb]

See Command-Line Usage.

Using with NPM

From the command line:

npm install jsonix-schema-compiler
java -jar node_modules/jsonix-schema-compiler/lib/jsonix-schema-compiler-full.jar schema.xsd

Or add jsonix-schema-compiler as dependency and invoke in scripts/prepublish.

    "name": "mypackage",
    "dependencies": {
        "jsonix": "<VERSION>",
        "jsonix-schema-compiler": "<VERSION>"
    "scripts": {
        "prepublish" : "java -jar node_modules/jsonix/lib/jsonix-schema-compiler-full.jar schema.xsd"

See NPM Usage.

Using with Ant

  • Include jsonix-schema-compiler-plugin-<VERSION>.jar into xjc/classpath.
  • Include -Xjsonix and further -Xjsonix-... [[command-line options|Command-Line usage]] into arg/@line.
<xjc destdir="${basedir}/target/generated-sources/xjc" extension="true">
  <arg line="-Xjsonix -Xjsonix-compact"/>
  <binding dir="${basedir}/src/main/resources">
     <include name="**/*.xjb"/>
  <schema dir="${basedir}/src/main/resources">
     <include name="**/*.xsd"/>
  <!-- Plugins -->
    <fileset dir="${basedir}/lib">
      <include name="jsonix-*.jar"/>

See Ant Usage.

Using with Maven


See Maven Usage.

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