A routing engine service using Open Street Maps and GTFS as data source
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kamal Build Status Clojars Project

A routing engine and API service based on Open data. Its current focus are flexibility, speed and stability in that order.


Check out the API examples provided as a Postman collection. Simply import it and have fun :)

For a demo see try.hyposfer.com (it will take a few seconds on the first run).

By default kamal will run at localhost:3000.


You can install kamal from clojars using lein or use our docker image.


$ git clone https://github.com/hiposfer/kamal.git && cd kamal

## set up environment variables
$ export FRANKFURT_AREA_NAME="Frankfurt am Main"
$ export FRANKFURT_AREA_GTFS=resources/test/frankfurt.gtfs.zip

## preprocess input data -> output to ./resources/test
$ lein run -m hiposfer.kamal.preprocessor

## compile application - you can run it with lein as well
$ lein with-profile release uberjar

export FRANKFURT_AREA_EDN resources/test/frankfurt.edn.gz
$ java -jar target/kamal.jar


Use our latest docker image:

$ ## setup env vars like above and pass them to docker
$ docker run -it -p 3000:3000 hiposfer/kamal


We follow Stuart Sierra's reload workflow. Our system configuration is created by reading the environment variables. An example of such config can be found in hiposfer.kamal.dev/env. As you can see there, it is also possible to create a system by providing the configuration directly.

  1. Start a REPL
  2. Load the hiposfer.kamal.dev namespace
  3. Run the hiposfer.kamal.dev/refresh! function
  4. Perform your changes
    • if your changes modify the network build process. Repeat from 3.
    • keep making your changes in the repl otherwise

In other words:

$ git clone https://github.com/hiposfer/kamal.git && cd kamal
$ lein repl
hiposfer.kamal.core=> (use 'hiposfer.kamal.dev)
hiposfer.kamal.core=> (hiposfer.kamal.dev/refresh!)

And then browse to localhost:3000

OSM Files

kamal consumes General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) and Open Street Map files.

kamal is very routing oriented, thus we rely on the awesome Overpass-API for filtering of Open Street Map data. Check out our pedestrian filtering query Here.

You can customize it however you want; once you are done, simply save the query run the preprocessing script again with lein preprocess resources/. This will preprocess all gtfs configs in your environment variables with (automatically) downloaded osm data.


kamal is distributed under LGPL v3