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Online judge plugin for Moodle 1.9.x
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Latest commit d4ca2fb @sunner sunner Fix bug #2: Diff function mistakes "0" as an end of tokens
Solved by @michaliskambi. Thank you for the detailed analysis and
working solution
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db Can use files as testcases now
js Init import
lang Add statistics in judge summary. Users can see the success rate and m…
languages Compile submissions into 32bit binary on 64bit kernel
sandbox Merge from 2.0. Works on Ubuntu 11.04 now.
syntaxhighlighter Upgrade to syntaxhighlighter 3.0.83
.gitignore Add testcases for sandbox
COPYING.txt Upgrade to GPLv3
README.txt Corrected homepage link
assignment.class.php Fix bug #2: Diff function mistakes "0" as an end of tokens
judged.php Support Windows
rejudge.php Fix XSCF hole and make better UI in rejudement
settings.php Upgrade to GPLv3
source.html Upgrade to syntaxhighlighter 3.0.83
styles.php Init import
testcase.php Better logic to determine empty testcase
testcase_form.php Fix empty file name bug
version.php Fixed bug caused by bug of


The onlinejudge plugin for Moodle is designed for courses involving
programming. It can automatically grade programming assignments by testing the
submissions against customizable test cases (ACM-ICPC/Online Judge style).

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