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HiveMQ extension for demonstrating the HiveMQ extension system
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HiveMQ 4 Hello World Extension

Extension Type: Demonstration

Version: 4.2.0

License: Apache License 2.0


This Hello World extension sets a ClientLifecycleEventListener which logs the MQTT Version and identifier of every connecting and disconnecting client.

There is a Maven Archetype available to generate a basic extension from the IDE.

We strongly recommend to read the HiveMQ Extension Documentation to grasp the core concepts of HiveMQ extension development.


  1. Clone this repository into a Java 11 maven project.

  2. Run mvn package goal from Maven to build the extension.

  3. Move the file: "target/" to the directory: "HIVEMQ_HOME/extensions".

  4. Unzip the file.

  5. Start HiveMQ.

First Steps

Connect with an MQTT client of your choice. You should see a log message with its identifier and MQTT version.

Next steps

Awesome, you got your first HiveMQ 4 extension working.

Now read the HiveMQ Extension Documentation to see what extensions can do.

Need help?

If you encounter any problems, we are happy to help. The best place to get in contact is our support.


If you want to contribute to HiveMQ Hello World Extension, see the contribution guidelines.


HiveMQ Hello World Extension is licensed under the APACHE LICENSE, VERSION 2.0. A copy of the license can be found here.

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