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KochMorse is a Qt5 application. Hence it is pretty platform independent. It runs under Linux, MacOS X and Windows. Below you will find detailed instructions how to install Koch Morse under the respective OS.


I provide some pre-build binary packages though the openSuSE build service and launchpad. These services allow to build and distribute binary packages via native package repositories. By adding one of these repositories to your list of software sources, you gain two advantages. First of all, the necessary dependencies of KochMorse are installed automatically and secondly, you will get updates of KochMorse automatically.

Below, I describe how the repositories are added for openSuSE, Fedora and Ubuntu and KochMorse is installed. Alternatively, you may follow the instructions provided by the openSuSE build service.


Under Ubuntu execute the following to add my PPA to your list of software sources

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:hmatuschek/ppa

Finally, update the package database by calling

sudo apt-get update

from command line. Now, you can install KochMorse by calling

sudo apt-get install kochmorse


Under Fedora, it is possible to add the corresponding repository by a single call automatically. Simply execute

yum-config-manager --add-repo

and then

yum-config-manager --enable KochMorse

to add the repository. Finally, install KochMorse by calling

yum install kochmorse 


Under openSuSE Tumbleweed, Leap 15.2 and Leap 15.3, KochMorse is part of the official package repositories. To install KochMorse simply execute

zypper install kochmorse

Building Kochmorse from sources

The following procedure describes how to build Kochmorse from its sources under Ubuntu. Some of the package names will be different on other Linux distributions. First, get the sources of the latest release, named "Source code (tar.gz)".

Kochmorse depends on the Qt5 library for the graphical user interface and cmake for the build process. You will need to install these libraries and tools including their development packages. Under Ubunut, this can be done my calling

sudo apt-get install build-essential cmake qtbase5-dev qtmultimedia5-dev libqt5multimedia5-plugins qttools5-dev qttools5-dev-tools

Now, you are ready to build Kochmorse. First unpack the downloaded archive with

tar -xf kochmorse-X.X.X.tar.gz

where X.X.X should be replaced with the version number of the downloaded archive. This will unpack the archive content into a directory with the same name, i.e. "kochmorse-X.X.X". Change into that directory and create a "build" directory with

cd kochmorse-X.X.X
mkdir build
cd build

Now configure the build with cmake by calling


If this step fails, please check if all required packages are installed. If this step succeeds, you are ready to finally build and install Kochmorse with make by calling

sudo make install

Now, Kochmorse should be installed and can be started from the command line by calling


or from the list of programs in your desktop environment.


Download the DMG file from latest release. It contains the Simply drag it into your Applications folder.


Download the kochmorse-x.x.x-setup.exe file from latest release. Execute it to install KochMorse.