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Homemade is a React Native iOS application that helps people find new types of food from talented neighborhood home chefs. The world is full of talented cooks that don't work in the restaurant industry. Homemade is the platform that helps users find neighborhood chefs by cuisine type or geolocation so they can discover new and exciting dishes prepared by talented chefs. Just load up the app, find a chef that's within 5 miles of your location, and place an order! All transactions between users and chefs rely on a donation system between both parties. Bon appétit!

Table of contents

  • Starting the app
  • What's included
  • Bugs, feature requests, and contributing
  • Creators

Starting the app

  • Fork a copy of the repo and then clone the repo locally to your computer by forking via the Github GUI, and then entering the following command into the Terminal: $ git clone[your_username_here]/App

  • Make sure you have npm installed.

  • Once the repo has been cloned locally to your computer, enter $ cd App in the Terminal to enter into the project root directory and run the following command:

    • $ npm install to install the npm dependencies in the package.json file.
  • When the dependencies finish loading, run $ react-native upgrade. You'll be prompted with a series of questions. Answer 'n' (means no) to avoid changing our .gitignore file and answer 'y' (means yes) to all the other questions.

    • Changing the .gitignore will cause you problems in the future when working on this projct from your project fork. So please avoid changing the .gitignore.
  • Run $ react-native run-ios to fire up the iOS simulator. Two separate tabs will open in your Terminal. One tab displays the status of the Xcode build that creates the actual iOS application. You'll have to wait patiently while Xcode builds the app. The other tab opens the React Packager that loads the dependencies.

When the iOS simulator pops open, you'll get one of two red screens:

  • If you get a screen that reads Connection to http://localhost:8081/debugger-proxy?role=client timeed out, go to your internet browser, close one of the React Native Debugger windows, and click Command + r in the simulator to refresh the screen.

    Connection Time Out Error

  • If you get a screen that reads Cannot read property 'Aspect' of undefined, click Shift + Command + h to zoom out to the iPhone Simulator Home Screen. Click on the Homemade iOS icon to reload the app. You should see spinning animation of Hommemade fire up and take you to the Login page.

    Aspect Error

  • Voila! You'll appear on the app Login Page.

Current Homemade issues

  • Here are some bugs we are aware of:
    • A sockets issue sometimes causes the Cannot read property 'Aspect' of undefined.


Ebrima Jobe, Product Owner

David de Sousa, Scrum Master

Joe Kim

Jaime Mendoza


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