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Arc Firefox Theme

Offical Arc Firefox theme.

Arc Firefox

alt tag

Arc Darker Firefox

alt tag

Arc Dark Firefox

alt tag


This theme is compatible with Firefox 40+ and Firefox 38 ESR

Note: This theme is meant to be used in conjunction with the Arc GTK theme, don't use it with other GTK themes or it will look broken.


The theme is available as a collection on

Manual building and installation

These instructions are for testers and package maintainers. They also allow to install the theme globally for all users.

You will need autoconf and automake for the following.

Clone the repository

git clone && cd arc-firefox-theme

Generate the .xpi files (drag and drop these into your Firefox window)

./ --prefix=/usr
make mkxpi

Alternatively the theme can be installed globally without using the .xpi files

./ --prefix=/usr
sudo make install

Other build options to append to are

--disable-light         disable Arc Light Firefox support
--disable-darker        disable Arc Darker Firefox support
--disable-dark          disable Arc Dark Firefox support

Uninstall the theme with

sudo make uninstall

Firefox ESR (Debian Stable users see here)

This repo includes separate Firefox ESR compatible branches. The installation process is mostly identical to the manual installation above

git clone && cd arc-firefox-theme
git checkout firefox-38-esr   # Execute this for Firefox 38 ESR
git checkout firefox-45-esr   # Execute this for Firefox 45 ESR
git checkout firefox-52-esr   # Execute this for Firefox 52 ESR
./ --prefix=/usr
make mkxpi