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With the introduction of `FetchRequest.acceptResponseType()` in
[#647][], the
`FetchRequestDelegate.prepareHeadersForRequest` callback interacts with
more than just the `FetchRequestHeaders` instance passes as its first

Additionally, every implementation of the `FetchRequestDelegate`
interface implements the `prepareHeadersForRequest` method, so the fact
that it's listed as optional and invoked with a guard clause are

This commit renames the method to `prepareRequest`, reduces the
signature to a single `FetchRequest` argument, and no longer declares it
as a conditional property on the interface.


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Turbo uses complementary techniques to dramatically reduce the amount of custom JavaScript that most web applications will need to write:

  • Turbo Drive accelerates links and form submissions by negating the need for full page reloads.
  • Turbo Frames decompose pages into independent contexts, which scope navigation and can be lazily loaded.
  • Turbo Streams deliver page changes over WebSocket or in response to form submissions using just HTML and a set of CRUD-like actions.
  • Turbo Native lets your majestic monolith form the center of your native iOS and Android apps, with seamless transitions between web and native sections.

It's all done by sending HTML over the wire. And for those instances when that's not enough, you can reach for the other side of Hotwire, and finish the job with Stimulus.



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