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SecondPage - Google Searches without media conglomerates

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This extension blocks most of the top 1000 English sites getting Google's organic traffic.

I impulsively created this extension with the help of Claude Opus in a day after reading this article, so HouseFresh, this is for you guys.

The problem, as discovered in a very recent Google algo leak, is that popular media brands rank very well on Google, even if their content is utter garbage.

This article details how 16 media companies with almost 600 sites are dominating the world's Google Search results. It gives me a very funny idea, which is, if I can't stop them from dominating top search results, I can just block them out of my sight.


  • Install link is here. The extension is enabled by default, but wait for it, there's a button to disable it if you want!
  • If you'd prefer to modify the list of blocked domains, clone this repository, edit the txt file, and then go to chrome://extensions/ -> Load unpacked -> Choose the repo's folder

There's also a full write up with more quotes on my website here if you're interested.

I'm a developer-adjacent guy (Read: I know a bit of code and use AI tools to help me make small funny things), so this right here is probably all it is. There's not gonna be updates or anything.

I hope to bring more awareness to this problem with Google, and this extension is my way of doing something about it. Maybe it will make the internet we're using just a little bit better.

It is licensed with an MIT License, so do whatever your heart desires with it :).

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