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HTML5 Hacks

HTML5 Hacks is more than just a book and a set of companion code repositories. HTML5 Hacks is a group of HTML5 Evangelist/Makers that enjoy pushing the limits of modern web technologies and the programming languages of the Web: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

By creating 'bundles' of hacks packaged into web applications that leverage the Twitter Bootstrap UI and are deployed to remote git repository endpoints such as Github and Heroku, the community of hackers can fork, share, and contribute back to each bundled application.

HTML5 Hacks represents a crossroads between open source social coding, 'Maker' culture, and application development with future-friendly, standards based, web technologies.

Quick start

To access the latest code from a particular chapter, clone the repo, git clone git@github.com:html5hacks/chapter9.git, or download the latest release.

New to Git?

Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.

Git is easy to learn and has a tiny footprint with lightning fast performance. It outclasses SCM tools like Subversion, CVS, Perforce, and ClearCase with features like cheap local branching, convenient staging areas, and multiple workflows. For getting started with Git see git-scm.com as a starting point.

New to Github?

GitHub is one of the most popular places to host open source code, because it's free for open source projects and has good integration with the open-source version control system Git. Github's documentation is outstanding, so for more on using Git and Github see Github help as a starting point.