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An extension to Leaflet that contains configurations for various Chinese tile providers.


Leaflet-ChineseTmsProviders providers are refered to with a provider.<variant>.<type> -string. Let's say you want to add the nice Normal.Map base layers from to your map, you pass TianDiTu.Normal.Map to the L.tileLayer.chinaProvider-constructor, which will return a L.TileLayer instance for TianDiTu Normal Map tile layer.

//add TianDiTu Normal Map Layer to map.


var map ='map', {
    center: [31.59, 120.29],
    zoom: 12


There are more examples at the examples folder like below.


Above all maps use Coordinate Reference Systems (CRS), which are EPSG:3857.


Current options suitable for tile layers are:

  • TianDiTu
    • TianDiTu.Normal.Map
    • TianDiTu.Normal.Annotion
    • TianDiTu.Satellite.Map
    • TianDiTu.Satellite.Annotion
    • TianDiTu.Terrain.Map
    • TianDiTu.Terrain.Annotion
  • GaoDe
    • GaoDe.Normal.Map (include Annotion)
    • GaoDe.Satellite.Map
    • GaoDe.Satellite.Annotion
  • Google
    • Google.Normal.Map (include Annotion)
    • Google.Satellite.Map
  • Geoq
    • Geoq.Normal.Map
    • Geoq.Normal.Color
    • Geoq.Normal.PurplishBlue
    • Geoq.Normal.Gray
    • Geoq.Normal.Warm
    • Geoq.Normal.Cold


This work was inspired from, and