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Blog Source (

This is the working-in-progress source of my blog hosted at The blog uses the static site generator Hugo with theme hyde-hyde. The generated and optimised site is hosted here.

Since Hugo v0.43+, I might not need the Gulp-based workflow as Hugo provides sufficient support for transforming SCSS to CSS, PostCSS, and minification. Nevertheless, due to some issues with messing up sourcemaps, I still keep the Gulp 4 based workflow as it just works flawlessly for now.

Note that, we still have to install external tools for Hugo 0.43+ extensions to work.

npm i -D postcss-cli autoprefixer

Quick Start

Install NPM packages

npm install

For Development and Debugging

Please have a look at package.json for the following commands and adapt them to your needs.

Generate pages for local hosting

npm run local

Hugo will generate draft and future posts for the baseURL https://blog.test:8443.

Generate pages and keep watching for changes

npm run watch

Hugo will generate draft and future posts for the localhost baseURL https://blog.test:8443 and keep an eye on any file changes and refresh the pages accordingly.

Generate pages for remote hosting

Hugo will generate the posts without draft and future for the baseURL (my site).

npm run deploy