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Dependency Status Known Vulnerabilities License: MIT

This is the source of my blog hosted at I use Hugo with the theme hyde-hyde that I created to generate the static resources (HTML, JS, CSS, etc.) and use Gulp with some simple tasks for minifying and setting up other resources (e.g. Keybase).

Quick Start

Install the NPM dependencies

yarn install  # npm install

Developing and Deploying

Look into the file package.json for the following commands and adapt them to your need. You might need to adjust the baseURL value.

Generate pages for local testing

yarn local  # npm run local

Generate pages and keep watching for changes

yarn watch  # npm run watch

Hugo will generate drafts and future posts for the localhost https://localhost:1313 and keep an eye on any file changes and refresh the pages accordingly.

Generate pages for remote hosting

Hugo will generate the posts excluding drafts and futures for the configured baseURL, e.g. ''.

yarn deploy   # npm run deploy


MIT, of course.