Show how many concurrent connections can be handled by http-kit
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scale clojure web application

Test how Clojure web application scales concurrent HTTP connections with http-kit

600K concurrent HTTP connections with 3G heap.

More info: 600k concurrent HTTP connections on PC, with Clojure & http-kit

If a more powerful hardware is at hand and you want to get a larger number:

Tuning TCP/IP buffer sizes

# edit run_server. give it more RAM, http-kit will use ~2k  per connection
java -server -Xms3072m -Xmx3072m  \
    -cp `lein classpath` clojure.main \
    -m main $@
// edit
final static int PER_IP = 20000;  // 63K is the upper bound
final static InetSocketAddress ADDRS[] = new InetSocketAddress[30];
// 600k concurrent connections
final static int CONCURENCY = PER_IP * ADDRS.length;